Special Projects
Sustainability Through Empowering The Poor (STEP PROJECT)

C-Emis Programme to be commenced with STEP in Buttala

Project titled ‘Sustainability Through Empowering The Poor’ (STEP) was commenced in 2014 in Buttala DS’s division in the district of Monaragala in Sri Lanka by Women’s Development Federation. This project is financially supported by Stromme Foundation (Asia). The major concern of the project is to assist 2,500 hardcore poor families. Buttala DS division is a well known administrative area in which a large majority are poverty stricken families. Although, crop farming is the main living mean of more than 70% families the income derivability becomes unstable due to the limited facilities for agro-based productivity and also the irregularity of marketing products hence, poverty is continuing. This project is to be completed in 5 years in 2018 which was started in 2014. Under this project 2,500 hard-core poor families have been selected and commenced activities to uplift their living standards. As per the baseline survey, conducted in Sama village, the survey team managed to identify 7 non-schooling children and 21 children attending schools randomly.

In concern with the prioritized issues to be addressed in Buttala, 21 children were focused to re-direct to schools after providing educational equipment with other necessities. To address the issue of knowledge gap of these children it was agreed to start C-Emis programme in Buttala. Surveys are being conducted to assess domestic as well as product related gaps affecting chronic poverty including those economically inactive segments. The operation is closely monitored by a team of officials in representation of; the Department of Education, Police, Divisional secretary, Women’s Bureau, Probation and Childcare, NGO District network and the officials from WDF.