Social work
WDF practices economic as well as social activities in an integral manner. Starting from the interaction against mal-nutrition quite diverse actions are being carried out to resolve socially driven problems of member families and the following are few of them.
Conceptual framework
Eradication of the root causes against poverty has been a dominant mission of WDF. This is important as it’s members are women who are trapped in poverty due to hostile environments such as, lack of assets, ignorance, sense of fatality, low self esteem and more importantly the deficient of self confidence which are reinforced by social discrimination, . WDF has changed this situation by empowering and enabling it’s members. In this context, social mobilization has made them aware of their strengths and skills including the applicability of functional literacy that they haven’t realized sufficiently. The consciousness raising helped them to look inward to develop themselves rather than being dependant. More organized effort is being made to improve the outcome of staff, executive committee members, volunteers and social mobilizers in order to continue this task in a more organized manner to assist women members through social promotion activities. .

Promoting children’s Savings
When we look at the savings ratio on the basis of GDP in Asian countries,, as per ADB indicators of 2012, Sri Lanka represents the lowest percentage of 15.4 % which is 32.3% in India while China stands for 52.3%. Besides the situation of a country, savings turn to be a key element in terms of the uninterrupted growth of an organization. WDF from it’s initial stage took several measures on savings whereas, a separate savings scheme was introduced on behalf of children, titled as ‘SENEHASA”. Accordingly 24,763 children could save an accumulated total of SLR 53.6 million in 2013, of which the average savings per child is SLR 2,167.

Protest March by affected women
As an annual event most of the Banking units have organized protest march seeking unbiased intervention of authorities to take firm decisions to wipe out varied nature of social menaces. Anti alcohol/ drugs and smoking campaigns and a society free of gender harassments are some of the often themes addressed through protest march or campaigns.

Commemorating events
Special events have been organized by different Banking units to commemorate World Children’s and Adults’ Day, international Women’s Day , Environmental day and the International Temperance day etc., . Impact of these could be seen as more and more rural communities have shown their eagerness to partake on activities targeted for senior citizens or to take action to minimize damages causing for the environment etc.,

Commodity items at reasonable prices.
Since long time WDF was trying to implement a programme to deliver commodity items for rural communities those living in interior locations. Aim of the initiative to minimize travel cost while also providing fresh items at fairly reasonable rates. As a follow up of a discussion held between WDF and Lanka Consumers Association, 15 Banking societies could purchase commodity items at reasonable rates. This will be expanded for other societies too, after an assessment on the outcomes.