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WDF has declared that year 2015 to be the year of female youth

WDF has viewed the magnificent results achieved by the less advantaged women having enrolled as members of WDF. Since this is a workable option more and more women joined the Federation exceeding 70,000 members currently. They became better off owing to their access for credit & savings , built in assets, insurance facilities, access for goods at cheaper rates, and more-over, to become an owner of own business while also becoming share holder of Janasakthi and many other privileges.

Improvements noticeable today affirms that women are the best target group to focus on development. Nevertheless, those female youth including young girls in each village becoming a deprived social category due to various reasons. Limited access for higher education, and difficulties to find jobs and some of them expressed their disinclination to be dependents within the minimal family based income.

After a sufficient deliberation on surmounting this problem the President of advisory board and the founder of WDF Mr.W.G.Mithrarathne arrived at the decision in consent to provide opportunities for young girls to join village societies and to perform as members. To promote this ideology the management of WDF declared 2015 as to be the year of female youth.